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Responding to On-line Reviews – And yes, you should ALWAYS respond!


Online reviews are everywhere and gaining in popularity as the main source of decision-making when choosing a beauty professional. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to maximize your online persona, presence, and reputation!


Sites like Yelp! And Facebook allow just about anyone to voice complaints about a business, but these sites are also avenues for your raving fans to get the word out about your assets. You may find yourself inclined only to respond to the negative reviews that have caught your attention but responding to all reviews—positive or negative—will show your prospective clients that you are engaged in your business, that you care about your clients’ experiences, and that you have the professionalism and diplomacy to handle difficult situations.


You may find yourself crushed one day by a terrible public review, sitting in front of your computer, steam blowing from your ears as you read a skewed, inaccurate representation of what has happened. You may think, Oh my gosh; I’m doomed. This review is going to bring my business down! Well, your best offense here is a good (sane and well thought-out) defense! Resist the urge to act emotionally or to become aggravated by the negative review, no matter how wacky it is. Keep your responses short and to the point, list the ways that you may have already tried to remedy the situation and/or offer a solution. Your potential clients are smart, and they, like you, can spot an agitated and unreliable reviewer when they see one. It’s likely that they will read the review and then read your response, too; if your response shows that you know how to handle yourself in a tough situation and remain calm and professional, you can gain back your credibility.


Of course, there are going to be times where you will receive a negative review that is deserved, and this is an entirely separate issue. Usually, a comment such as this will suffice:


“Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I am so sorry to have heard of this experience. I can assure you this is not the way we normally do business and I have spoken to my employee regarding this issue. I will be contacting you personally with a possible solution. Again, my sincere apologies.”


It is important not to grovel or beg for their business back or to make discount offers as a review response. You may, of course, contact the reviewer privately if a discount or refund is in order. Always remember: When in doubt, leave it out… or wait it out! Sometimes, letting an email sit overnight before sending it will allow you really to take the time to be sure of your response and tone.


Positive reviews are, of course, more fun both to read and to respond to. Make them light and add a personal touch if appropriate:


“Thank you for your kind review, Jane. I’m so happy you loved your service! I used your recipe tip, as well. You’re the best! See you next month.”


It’s always nice to let clients see you’re a real person, and to get a taste of your personality and flare. Don’t have a Yelp! page or business Facebook page? Now is the time!


As a businessperson, you always want to remain grounded, to be present and engaged. I know, I know; you’re busy. Your life is crazy, but at least try to seem like the present moment is the most important moment of your day. You want to be the person who is willing to accept criticism and to find a solution for issues faced by your clients. By looking at your reviews and making deliberate, well-conceived responses to what people have to say, you will be perceived as a smart, proactive owner who cares about her business and who wants it to thrive and that’s the kind of business that clients return to again and again.


Best Lashes! 

Leah Lynch 


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