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Be Happy and Make Others Happy  

(Featured in Lash Inc. Magazine)

The cold weather is behind us and it’s time to shake off those winter blues and find something better to talk about with our clients than the snow. The time you spend with your clients is not just valuable in terms of income or beauty, but it’s also an opportunity to spread a little positively and joy. If you want to be successful, realize that your own personal happiness is always key. It will allow you to be successful in your career, your friendships, and in your relationships.  

Pick a few interesting and uplifting topics to focus on when talking with your clients and avoid going down the path of gossip or complaining. Not only will you feel better and more refreshed at the end of the day, but your clients will also leave inspired and with a more positive frame of mind. What an amazing win-win! Be a contributor to the solution rather than to the problem. Having your energy sucked dry by complaints and clients spilling personal dramas will inevitably wear on you and could even cause fatigue, depression, and anxiety.  

Make it a point every day, with every person, to create inspiration and joy within them and pay it forward in the process of attaining success and happiness in your own life. 

Let’s face it: We’re all dispensable. Anybody can do what you do, but it's the way in which you do it that will create uniqueness and will draw people to you specifically and make the services that you provide indispensable. Have integrity, speak diplomatically, be a mentor, and be the absolute best you can be. Be unique and share your passion and joy and good things will be drawn to you like a magnet.  

“Earned success” is one of the primary ways that we receive joy. There are many studies that have been conducted proving that money is not what makes a successful person happy. Rather, it is the earned success itself. It's not about the amount of money you make; it’s about the perception of being successful and earning it on your own that truly brings joy. We are all very lucky in the beauty industry to be able to bring joy and happiness into other people's lives as an integral part of our career. Being able to interact with people on a daily basis gives you the opportunity to bring joy into their lives, which, in turn, improves your level of happiness.  

Though it is often described as one, it is no “secret” that keeping a positive frame of mind is what ultimately will bring all the success in the world straight to your front door. Yet the problem does not lie solely in understanding that a positive frame of mind is what will bring you success. In short, the problem is not failing to arrive at that positive frame of mind; the problem is maintaining it. It is difficult, sometimes, to steer clients away from negativity, so strategize your conversation starters and always try to find a silver lining for them. For some inspiration, check out @lash.mastery on Instagram.

To summarize, the key to success is happiness, and the key to happiness is success. Take care of yourself and surround yourself with people who help you to maintain your positive frame of mind, your passion, your motivation, and your dream.  

Best Lashes! 

Leah Lynch 


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